UA * Housing and Urban Analysis Laboratory


We show you our main research topics concisely.

Urban Analysis In the field of urban analysis, classical urban economy and regional science are applied to physical spatial competition, spatial statistical analysis of urban facilities' geographical distribution, facility allocation optimization problems with the approach of operations research. We are also interested in environmental psychology whose goal is to determine the ideal urban space from the perspective of human's spatial recognition and behavior analysis.

Urban Housing In the field of urban housing we discuss basic topic sush as an appropriate way of housing supply, impact of house rent subsidy policy, impact of legal system on housing market. We also analyze and discuss the physical characteristics of the residential area from multiple approach, such as evaluation of living environment, history of spatial structure in housing planning. Our interest is also attracted on frontier topics including theoretical analysis of land price from the view of bargaining process, experimental evaluation of housing environment using optical equipments, theoretical and empirical study of land lot shape.

Geographical Information Systems We employ a new tool GIS(Geographic Information Systems) and conduct theoretical and experimental study to describe and analyze several spatial phenomena in urban space. Our topics include fundamental and application studies of GIS such as developping a statistical method to analyze the facility allocation, prediction system of damage by natural disaster, decision-making assistance system for facility allocation plan.

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